Members of the Association


CJSC Plant Kartontol is one of the oldest and stably operating enterprises in St. Petersburg. Details
Plant Soft Roof is one of the leading enterprises in producing rolled roofing and waterproofing materials. Details
JSC Proletariy has been successfully operating in the market of manufacturers and suppliers of technical cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and corrugated packaging for more than 120 years. Details
The enterprise occupies an area of about 40 hectares. KRZ includes four production facilities that belong to different industries. Details
JSC Turin Pulp and Paper Plant occupies a leading position in the Ural-Siberian region's pulp and paper, forestry, and woodworking industries.
JSC Velgiyskaya Paper Factory manufactures technical paper, toilet paper, paper towel, paper napkins, food grade paper, custom toilet covers, tissue paper, waxed paper
Capital Company LLC is a leader in the integrated disposal and recycling of paper waste. In its work, the company focuses on the need to protect the environment on a regional scale.
Pavlovo-Posadsky Gofrokombinat is one of the ten largest companies in Russia producing corrugated cardboard, corrugated packaging, and corrugated packaging. Details
OJSC Syktyvkar Tissue Group is one of Russia's leading manufacturers of base paper and sanitary products. The company has two factories: in the Komi Republic and the Yaroslavl region. Details
Donskaya Gofrotara LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated packaging and cardboard for flat layers in the South of Russia. Details
Kuzbass SCARABEY LLC is a dynamically developing company. It is based on the Kemerovo soft roof plant. Today the company specializes in producing paper for corrugating and cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard from recycled materials. Details
Huhtamaki develops packaging solutions for establishments of all sizes.
Eco Packaging International Company LLC was founded in 2013. The egg packaging market was chosen as a strategic direction for Eco Packaging International Company since this particular market sector has been using paper packaging for a long time but is in dire need of new types of packaging. Details
The company carries out waste disposal and recycling of recyclable materials and paper packaging. Technology has been developed to separate laminated types of paper waste, such as Tetra Pak, Pure Pak, and Molo Pak. Details
Novosibirsk Cardboard and Paper Mill is a subsidiary of GofroMaster Company LLC, a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging since 2006. Details


EnerTek LLC, part of the ineco group, annually prepares thousands of tons of various grades of waste paper, and polymers. The company works with retail chains, manufacturing enterprises of the food and non-food industries, and the population. Details
Trading House Ecologistics LLC, operating in ecology and environmental protection and specializing in the collection and processing of waste paper, is one of the leaders in the Russian Federation's recyclables market. Details
The Bumkart company operates on the territory of the city of Moscow and accepts waste paper and paper waste. Details
LLC Wastepaper Company has extensive experience in collecting, transporting, and processing secondary raw materials, as well as licenses for collecting, transporting, and processing waste 1-4 classes.
Istok is the largest enterprise in the Nizhny Novgorod region for collecting and processing recyclable materials: waste paper, films, PET, and bottles.