Where is the index calculated

The "Center for System Solutions" (CSS) is an industry analytical agency in the field of pulp and paper industry (PPI).

CSS develops various analytical products: marketing research, compiling, and creating databases on the Russian market. CSS's clients are the largest companies in the Russian and global pulp and paper industry

Index methodology and its audit

The index methodology has been published and audited. The auditor of the index methodology is the Information and Analytical Center for Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Verification of the data provided

For example, company A is a purchasing company. It provides the CSS with the prices at which it buys raw materials from procurement companies. Also, company A provides the prices at which it sells products to manufacturing companies..

Company B is a manufacturer of corrugated products. It provides prices for the purchase of waste paper from company A. Also, company B provides sales prices for buyers of corrugated products.

The selling prices of company A must be the same as the buying prices of company B

Suppose disputed data are identified at the prices provided. In that case, the CSS employee contacts the responsible person of the donor company and asks to provide supporting documents for the entered data within 1 working day. If the data is not confirmed, then they are not considered in forming the index.

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